Join the Zumba Engineering Team

Our engineering team is in the process of adopting new technologies to solve complex business problems, and we’re looking for additional engineers to help us out.


Zumba offers a unique opportunity of providing a startup feel with the security of an established company. Our business is growing, and as such our technology stack also needs to grow with it. This allows us to work on newer technologies (when it makes sense), so there’s always something to learn.

What to expect

The Zumba system operates on AWS linux based instances with a mix of MySQL and MongoDB driving our applications in a service oriented architecture. Our deployments work on a continous integration strategy as we use unit testing coupled with Jenkins CI server to deploy quality code to production.

Our projects are scheduled and structured with the scrum methodology in two-week sprints.

If you join our engineering team, you will be up and making your first commit within a few hours as your environment is managed by our vagrant setup.

Various positions offer unique opportunities to work on fascinating technologies:


  • Use sass to style and build rich applications.
  • Work with backbone.js and require.js to make our applications more interactive.
  • Drive the user experience using modern web frameworks and mixins.



  • Work with advanced PHP techniques as more of our application moves to PHP 5.4.
  • Solve difficult performance issues by utilizing different datastores, such as Memcached, MongoDB, and Elasticsearch.
  • Help us explore and improve our architecture with the JVM and Scala.
  • Continuously improve our continous integration strategy.
  • Work with other engineers that are excited about the technologies they bring to the table.


Join Us

If working with exciting technologies and experienced engineers on solutions to complex problems is what you’ve been missing, then Join the team! We have several openings for software engineers and frontend developers.

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