Tech Team at Zumba Convention 2012

This weekend happened the Zumba® Instructor Convention 2012, a meeting between thousands of ZIN™ members. It happens every year and all the home office is invited to attend and participate. It is an odd experience that we hadn’t in any other company and it’s a great opportunity to get feedback from our users and not only from our boss, that sometimes don’t reflect the reality.

As the convention happened during business days, we closed the IT department and went there to have some fun, exercise (even if it’s just walking around, because as you know mostly IT people are not dancers, further between professionals), party, interact and for some craziness.

This kind of opportunity is nice to see that you helped to make that happen, people are happy and having fun together because you made your job. It is very gratifying and, my friend, no money can pay it. Back in the office you can see the results too, just look in the face and behavior from people, they look more friendly and relaxed, what is improving the productivity.

Below you can see a picture with few people from our department in the convention. Yes, we are with this sleepy-face because we were in the Daddy Yankee show in the previous night.

IT Team Picture Left to right: Daniel Matsinger, Girish Raut, Cristiano da Silva, Chris Saylor, Ralph Valdes, Juan Basso

If you think it is just one more convention, look how is that convention…

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